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A bit of website rework

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

I have wanted to do it for a while, and like one of those household chores that gets pushed into the corner, doing my Furniture website rework has been in that corner for far too long.

My previous website was handcrafted. It was pretty clever. I build my own content management system using XML files that were read with server-side C# code, and pages dynamically built. Add new items to the gallery was easy - just a couple of new XML files that contained the words and images, and off it went.

Of course the world changes fast. More and more importance was put onto websites being 'mobile friendly', and mine wasn't. I could have spent time learning all the HTML and CSS and other technologies, but to be honest, my time is elsewhere.

My jewellery box website, was built a couple of years ago on Wix, so I used that platform again for this site. I can see there have been some great additions on Wix, and I have built the gallery using the site Content Manager and Dynamic pages. Basically, it is what I had before but much more slick. And of course Wix handles all the page formatting for different platforms and devices.

Now I need to revisit my jewellery box website!

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